Interested in receiving free Instagram Likes? Besides selling our Instagram services you now have the chance to earn Instagram Photo Likes. No money involved.

How? Well, basically you will have to do something for us instead. Nobody works completely for free. We should also have some benefits, correct?;)

You send out Twitter Direct Messages. We will provide you free Instagram Likes for your work. Easy 😉

We offer the following deals:

100 Direct Messages (Twitter) -> 500 Photo Likes

200 Direct Messages (Twitter) -> 1000 Photo Likes

400 Direct Messages (Twitter) -> 2000 Photo Likes



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  1. Go to your own followers/following list or to other people’s account (I recommend music related niche)
  2. Copy/paste the message above and send it to artists & companies out there via Twitter Direct Message. Make sure you send the messages to artists/companies only.
  3. Once you are finished send the proofs (screenshots) + your Instagram Photo Link attached with your email to jirocamarketing@hotmail.com


(Note: You don’t need to screenshot all messages. But pls send at least 10 screenshots of different messages to make us see the work. Also: we do recommend to do all this from desktop, because it might be much faster 🙂